More than just Yoga as you know it

Tantric Yoga is a complete system
that contains all kinds of methods
to make your life easier, richer, more authentic:

Discover and develop your breath to increase energy.
Learn to quickly relax in the middle of a stressful day.
Cleanse your body from the inside out (yes, with salt water).
Reduce anxiety and see things in new, unexpected ways.

You thought Yoga was mainly about streching and bending,
perfect alignment and OM-chanting?
Well… that’s less than half the truth.
We invite you to come and find out what we’re on about.



 We do Yoga to get better in every way

The obstacles you think you have to doing yoga
are precisely the reasons why you should do it.

If you feel a bit sluggish and need to perk up,
if you’re constantly on edge and need to wind down,
if you find it hard to focus on what you’re doing,
if you struggle to get an overview…
There are things you can do.

But let us warn you:
Yoga is a miracle worker
but it is not a quick fix.
You have to do it to see the results.


 Come as you are and leave the rest to us

Some people come to lessons
for touching base with themselves.
Others come to recharge their batteries.
Or simply to take a break from it all.

But regardless of their reasons for coming,
they all get more than what they bargained for.
If you pay attention, you will notice the effects
on the days immediately after you do yoga.

Each class goes through several stages
which take you through the different aspects of yoga.
Moving from the gross to the subtle, from the body to the mind.
From yoga poses, to breathing exercises, to meditative practices.
A journey to your center.

Lessons are grouped into courses.
A course is a progression,
each class building on the previous
preparing you for the next.

Over a period of time,
we take you gradually
from the basics
to the more advanced.

Our courses often have a specific focus.
Concentration. Relaxation. Body Awareness.
And more.

We teach all the aspects of yoga, including:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Deep relaxation
  • Cleansing methods
  • Meditation
  • Concentration techniques

Our training:

  • Full-time residential education
  • Three years at our teachers ashram away from society
  • More than two thousand hours of actual yoga teacher training
  • Intense personal practice during the whole time

Our approach:

  • We teach Yoga as something practical, something you can use
  • Our classes are minimalistic, focused and precise
  • We teach methods, not philosophy or moral interpretation
  • We guide you thoroughly, supporting you during the process


 Meet the teachers

Pedro and Johanne love what they do and they want you to love it too.This is why they work very hard to prepare courses and programs, that help you find in this science a means to whatever end you have in mind.



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